... what to do about gels and mosquitoes?

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Every year again the search for the best means and a lot of money for candles, fragrances, textiles, sprays and tinctures, spend ...

Are you tired of it - every summer the same search for the right gel protection agent?




During my research I stumbled upon something completely new that has helped me and some of my friends and acquaintances in various life situations.




The "5D Flash Vital - App"



 What does this app do?


Now it helps in various life situations and also in health, mental and emotional complaints.




By oscillation - energy - so-called "spiral information".




This spiral information can not change the body's own vibrations, because every cell, every organ and every body's own system vibrates differently from every human and there is no common denominator!


However, what is the same in all people are the burdensome vibrations of negative emotions.


If e.g. 100 people who have totally different cell vibrations that have emotion "rage" is like that


This vibration is absolutely the same for all persons.


All these vibrations, which are absorbed by the rotating circles of information, can only compensate for blockages and imbalances so that the body can again produce an unimpeded energy flow. It can not be spoken in any case of external vibration, as vibrations that find no resonance in the body, simply go through "empty".




What does the app do with the gels and mosquitoes?



With this app, special energy vibrations are transmitted to your body.


As a result, your energy body can be brought into a very high vibration.


This extremely strong energy field can ward off insects of all kinds and they can not approach,


because they are repelled by this high vibration!




A short video will show the system.



This app - which is available for Android and Apple - you can


Download for FREE and test 5 topics FREE.






But there is something more ...

.... the 5D-Flash Vital medicine chest 




 This brings for different clinical pictures matching and supportive topics to make a faster regeneration possible AND to install this medicine cabinet with the app you need the vital code.




This vital code - but does more - it reduces the paid topics - such as "anti-mosquito" by € 0.50.


From one-time Euro 3.90 to Euro 3.40.



 But this vital code can be even more ....



Do not make the same mistake I made ....



... I liked the app from the beginning and I downloaded 5 single paid topics and successfully used them, when I wanted to have another topic, I also looked at the whole medicine cabinet and noticed


that it would cost me Euro 79, - to download them (all existing topics and all that will come).


So I wrote to the programmer of the app and inquired if I could not get a discount if I downloaded the whole medicine chest down; since I had already invested around 20 euros.




And he told me - you are right - I give you the vital code with which you can download the topics cheaper and even

the medicine chest - get it for free.




and here he is the vital code (the word) with the whole download


(works as I found out in the new app 5D Flash Energy)


by and large


Euro 20, - will be cheaper - Total Euro 59, -.



(without quotes)




With this code you have access to the "Advanced

energetic medicine chest "which from many

Theme combinations to the most diverse



For iPhone or iPad devices, there are

unfortunately no discount,

since Apple does not allow this,

but just the

medicine chest is added to the program for free by the vital code



The vital code is queried on first opening,


but can also be added later.


Who am I



 My name is Heribert Schieg and I found this app via detours.


Originally, I was suddenly faced with a myriad of allergies.


By chance (actually there are no coincidences), I met someone who knew a non-medical practitioner who is able to permanently erase allergies.


So I go there - not cheap - but what is already free, what helps.


And I could be helped: I am now rid of all my allergies - and this list is long: gluten intolerance, egg, mustard, apple, kren, Radiccio-, antibiotics, house dust, nuts, pollen and and and allergy.


And then my alternative practitioner recommended what she helps - if she has problems.


And that has to do very closely with this 5D Flash app.


That's why I've made the experience with this app - and like to share my experience with others.


I'm not talking about healings, because I'm not a doctor, but I have been able to experience a lot, with myself I have, among other things by the program "letting go" to clear my life out (things that I have heaped heaps and collected, also robe - disposed of);


In my immediate family, the Scar and Wound Healing program has prompted a doctor to ask how a large scar, after only 2 months, may look like it did after a year;


a friend who had diarrhea for many years and consulted ZIG doctors; with the help of "balance, intestinal flora, diarrhea and drainage" today again has a normal bowel movement.


And also people I had pressed after an accident I suffered in the ambulance at control investigation trips, just the app in the hands - people who still had pain after a nerve breakdown and hang up after only 2 times on the app "pain free "(more time was not until getting out) said, now it's better than in the last few days.


These are personal experiences 

from me.

And everyone is allowed to try a little.

What the app does



 This app library can positively change your physical condition, your consciousness and your life. With these apps, especially balancing energy vibrations are transmitted to your body. This can resolve discomforts and support your organs in a natural way, as each disease is caused by a build-up of energy in the body. Your organs can remember their very own information again.





Legal notice:

We expressly emphasize that the application described here neither includes a "promise of healing", a "statement of salvation" nor a "promise of salvation" and can not be seen in any way!


Each client uses OWN RESPONSIBLE and with the awareness TO CHANGE IN HIS LIFE the 5d Flash App. All statements and recommendations refer without exception to the ENERGY BODY and not to the physical body of the user.


Users with abnormalities and gross energetic deviations in the energy body should invariably perform a specialist examination and clinical evaluation.




It can be combined in the tab "My house pharmacy", up to 5 individual topics, which then run automatically, one after the other.




Often one finds in the descriptions of the topics (2 pages after topic call - before start of the rotating circles), references to other topics which one should combine (eg could in connection with: Pregnancy problems, transformation complaints and also female organs, fit OR also bereavement coping with Forgiveness and letting go <letting go is a powerful tool at all>)

These topics are currently available

 Slimming, Slimming Metabolism, Allergy, Anesthetics, Anti-germ, Anti-Viral, Anti-Piotik (Anti Inflammatory), Anti-Mosquito GELSEN, Arterial Veins, Arthritis, Respiratory, Ocular Diseases, Balance, Intervertebral Discs, Ligament Cartilage, Connective Tissue, Bladder, blood optimization, charisma radiation, cholesterol-fat metabolism, intestinal flora, depression, diabetes, grounding, eczema abscesses, decongestant, drainage, eating disorders, fascia, fear of flying, bile, gaps in one's mind, joints, flu, good feeling, flu, skin - hair teeth, hemorrhoids, skin, hair, heart blood, cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure, endocrine system, cough, immune defense, vaccine damage, insect bites, intuition, jet lag, calcification, varicose veins, bones, head and eyes, bones, headache , Circulation, Stage fright, Liver, Increasing performance, Learning, Letting go, Lungs, Lymphatic system, Migraine, Gastroenteritis, Spleen, Compassion, Muscle / tendon, Male Organs, Food intolerances, Scar lung, kidney, fungal diseases, power flash, prostate impotence, rheumatism, acid-base balance, thyroid, insomnia, pain free, protection, pregnancy problems,  SNORING, sinusitis, analgesia (eg smoking), temperature compensation, transformational distress, reavement, trauma, nausea, forgiveness, intermittent disorders, female organs, spine, wound healing, gums, toothache, cell renewal detoxification, pineal gland, constraints, cysts and fibroids.


Issues that are highlighted in bold are those that repeatedly occur in conversations and therefore seem to be important to many people.





The "energetic home pharmacy" will be expanded each month by 2 more apps and will include about 100 topics in the final version.

With acquisition of the "energetic medicine chest" ALL current topics are released and all future ones can be activated also free of charge.

Furthermore, there is the "extended energetic medicine chest"

included in the package with the vital code ...


These applications combine matching and mutually supportive themes for the most diverse medical conditions (energy bodies) in order to make a rapid regeneration possible.


By activating the PLAY button all related topics without pause or intermediate text are played in succession.


The emotional backgrounds (topics) are displayed when the individual topics are called up.


The topics are:


Diabetes; Migraine; Flu; Psoriasis; Chron's disease; Asthma; Gastritis; Thyroid; Eyes; ears; tinnitus; cardiac arrhythmia; Hair loss; Blood pressure; Kidney disease; Menopausal symptoms; Prostate; Depression; Burnout; MS - multiple sclerosis; Cell renewal; Anemia; Gout; Rheumatism; Bone fracture bruises; Strain-sore muscles; Autoimmune diseases; Dental problems; Insect bites; burns; Legastenie; Alzheimer; Parkinson; addictions; Gastritis colitis; Infertility; Lung disease; Hemorrhoids, diarrhea, constipation


Issues that are highlighted in bold are those that repeatedly occur in conversations and therefore seem to be important to many people.


For those who want to activate, harmonize and stabilize the CHAKENS;

 This theme activates, harmonizes and stabilizes the 7 energy centers in the energy body.

When using this app, the gender of the person is queried,

because the direction of rotation of the chakras are different for men and women.



Optimize the ZELLCLUSTER in the energy body and get rid of deformations;

 This app optimizes the cell cluster in the energy body, resulting in the cell clusters

in the physical body and thus free from their deformation.

A stable and stable cell cluster is the key

for a perfect energy storage.



Want to bring the BODY WATER into an optimal and stable cluster construct ....

This topic shapes the information of your water molecules into an optimal,

balanced and stable cluster construct. The app can by means of

Urine information of the water again the elemental force and stability

bring into this molecular composite.



we recommend the new app:


5D Flash Energy


Again, the same vital code applies




(without quotes)

 When downloading the 5d Flash Vital App in your Playstore



In the Energy App - unlike the Vital App, there are no free program parts;

The app just runs to test that it works on your device for a few seconds.

To use the app - it must be purchased (in whole or in parts).

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